Toyota Tacoma Long Bed Vs Short Bed - Which One Is Better? (2024)

As a passionate car owner, you need to know the dimension of the Toyota Tacoma Bed. Toyota Tacoma is more popular for all for more pleasure and expansive space. Here we focus on the Tacoma long bed vs short bed with their specific features.

The main difference between Tacoma Long Bed & Short Bed is that the Tacoma long 6.1 footbed provides 73.7″ available length with 19.1″ depth and 41.5″ width. On the other hand, the short 5-foot bed offers a double cab with 60.5″ available length, but the depth and width are same as the Tacoma long bed.

Both are specially designed to ensure a spacious seating capacity with complete comfort for passengers. So, Tacoma’s long and short beds offer safety features and striking design. Let’s check some differences between them.

Comparison Table

CategoryTacoma Long BedTacoma Short Bed
Length73.7 inches60.5 inches
Depth & Width19.1 & 41.5 inchesSame
Towing Capacity1615-1625 lbs1500-1510 lbs
Cab ConfigurationDouble Cab & Access CabDouble Cab
RecommendationBig FamilyShort Family

Details Comparison: Tacoma Long Bed Vs Short Bed

After seeing the comparison table, we can get an overview of the difference between them. Both bear the same value for Tacoma’s specific character and features from each position. Now we try to know Tacoma’s long and short beds in detail.


Tacoma’s long 6.1-footbed offers a 73.7″ available length, a vast space. So for the long journey, Tacoma’s long bed length will give you the best support to enjoy the ride with complete comfort.

On the other hand, Tacoma’s short 5-footbed offers a 60.5″ available length, also a vast space. To keep your body in its comfort zone, it’s spacious enough and responsible for ensuring your safety.

Depth & Width

The Tacoma long bed is introduced at 19.1 inches in depth and 41.5 inches in width. The extra width and depth are essential to give you a comfort zone when you feel bored in the same position.

Wherever the Tacoma short bed offers the same width and depth as the long bed, there is no significant difference in the comfort zone. You get enough space like the Tacoma long bed for a long time.

Towing Capacity

Tacoma’s long bed towing capacity is about 1615-1625 lbs; that is vast. So for rough use and heavyweight, it’s perfectly adjusted in any condition.

It can take all load and expand into a long surface; there is no chance of creating pressure on a single point.

However, the Tacoma short bed towing capacity is about 1500-1510 lbs, a considerable number. It’s also responsible for taking body weight and expanding it onto the bed surface. That is essential to keep your body at a stable point with complete comfort.

Cab Configuration

The Tacoma long bed is introduced with automatic transmission double cab line accessories and a free-to-access cab.

So it’s easy to add a cab according to your needs. Access cab offers 32.6 cubic feet of passenger space and 34.9 inches of headroom. That is good enough for more passenger use and similar to a crew cab.

On the other hand, the Tacoma short bed offers only a double cab. There is no option to access a cab according to your need.

The double cab is introduced with a 32.6 inches rear large room and offers 100.1 cubic feet of passenger space.


The Toyota Tacoma is matched with significant family members. Its considerable length and spacious width can take more passengers up to 5. So if you have a large family, a Tacoma long bed is the best option to enjoy a family tour or ride.

On the other hand, the Tacoma short bed is also introduced with big size and shape but not as long bed. Here, you get enough space for a small family, and not perfect for an extended family tour.

But if you want, you can take a ride with a large family, but you won’t feel comfortable here.


Toyota Tacoma long bed accountability is more for its large size and shape. With a smooth and soft cushion seat, you will enjoy a lot with total comfort. You even can change your mass body point in different positions according to your wish.

In the Toyota Tacoma short get, you also get enough space to move around your body measurement according to your wish.

But you won’t get enough space like Tacoma long bed for short size. That’s why its accountability is less than the Tacoma long bed.

Comparison Results

After a detailed comparison, now we reach to take a final decision. But keep in mind, these results are made with some contractor facts. So according to your actual needs, you should choose one of them. Let’s check the comparison results.

Length: The Tacoma long bed’s measurement is larger than the Tacoma short bed.

Depth & Width: Both usually perform and bear the same value in this sector.

Towing Capacity: Tacoma long bed towing capacity is more than the Tacoma short bed.

Cab Configuration: Both are introduced with a double cab, but Tacoma long bed offers cab access in the midsize truck.

Match: Tacoma double cab bed is perfect for large families, and Tacoma short bed is for sharp families.

Accountability: For spacious areas, Tacoma long bed has more wheel wells than Tacoma short bed.

Toyota Tacoma

Toyota Tacoma bed length has two different forms, one is introduced with a long bed and another for a short bed. Its unique interior and gorgeous exterior design have become too popular.

Here you get more comfortable with an extended cab and regular cab. Audio multimedia support provides you with a tedious free journey with long-lasting performance.

To suck the extension pressure of any road condition, it offers friction tires and an extended warranty.

So, if you want to get upcoming technology touch with complete comfort, Toyota Corolla can be the best option. You can choose a Tacoma long or short bed truck and get a stress-free ride according to your need.

Special Feature

  • TRD Pro Skid Plate with Flexible Suspension Lift
  • TRD Pro Wheels with Internal Bypass Shocks & Adjustable Fog Light
  • Fiber Reinforced Lumbar Support Bed with Sheet Molded Composite Technology
  • Access Cab Configuration & Automatic Limited Seat Differential
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System with Climate Control Notification
  • Easy to access Apple Carplay, Android Auto, and Amazon Alexa Computability
  • Entry System Control rear doors with a Remote & offer different cargo Windshield Wiper

Access Cab & Double Cab

You will get less room inside the Tacoma cabin in the access cab and can add a durable roof rack. It’s introduced with a standard five-foot short bed.

You even get two-door models with four seating capacities. In the Tacoma long box, you will get access to a cab to the new Toyota Tundra.

You will get a double door and more space to keep your mass weight at a balance point in the double cab with Chevy Silverado.

Here you get five seating capacities with the standard bed. You get enough space to change your body movement and place it at a different angle in any road conditions.

Trim Level Of Toyota Tacoma

For the need of time and customer demand, the Toyota Tacoma would be introduced in different trim levels and enrich with Toyota safety sense. We get six trim levels of Toyota Tacoma. Let’s check the new inventory to enrich you with potential information on the pickup Toyota truck bed.

  • TRD Sport
  • TRD Off-Road
  • TRD Pro
  • SR
  • SR5

People Often Ask

Can I Sleep In a Tacoma Bed?

Yes, you can sleep in a Toyota Tacoma long bed with complete comfort. To get a warm touch, you can cover yourself with a blanket. Hopefully, you will get a unique feeling in your sleeping experience with a Toyota Highlander long bed.

Which Toyota Tacoma Offers The Largest Bed?

In the 2021 Toyota Tacoma, you get enough space and the enormous bed ever and it’s introduced with Chevrolet Colorado.

According to your family members ‘ needs, it’s even possible to access cab size. If you are a driver, you will get more options to carry more passengers.

Is Worth Tacoma TRD Off-Road Package?

If you are not interested in taking a road drive, the Tacoma TRD off-road package will be more responsible to ensure super duty.

At a lower price, you get ruggedness from this package. However, Ford Ranger, Ford F 150, and Toyota Land Cruiser offer a short bed size but bring powerful performance and a better handling experience.

Have Any Difference Between Tacoma SR5 & TRD?

The Toyota Tacoma SR5 is introduced with a 159 horsepower four-cylinder engine. On the other hand, the Toyota Tacoma is presented with a 278-horsepower V6 engine.

But you need to upgrade the Tacoma SR5 engine to cross rugged trains in TRD Off-Road and get Ford Super Duty.

Conclusion: Who Will Win The Race?

Hopefully, you get a clear Tacoma long bed vs. short bed concept. Both are performing well and bear the same value from each place. Tacoma’s long bed length offers the best interior and exterior design with durable seats.

On the other hand, Tacoma short bed is also responsible for ensuring enough space with good interior and exterior design. Both offer enormous space and provide comfort.

So if you have a large family, you can choose a Tacoma long bed. Otherwise, for a short family, Tacoma short bed is perfect. If you are confused about Tacoma, reread this content or take help from an expert.

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Toyota Tacoma Long Bed Vs Short Bed - Which One Is Better? (2024)


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