Guide To Toyota Tacoma Dimensions (2023) (2024)

Most Toyota Tacomas are 71.5 inches in height, 75.2 inches wide, and 212.3 inches long.

Tacomas can also have a height dimension of 70.6 inches, a width dimension of 74.4 inches, and a length of 225.5 inches.

The dimensions listed above are not to be put together for the dimensions of a singular truck.

The overall dimension will vary based on trim, cab size, and bed size.

If you have made any changes to your truck, such as a lift, that can alter any of these dimensions, you should measure these dimensions on your own to confirm.

This ebrochure from Toyota is the source of everything in this post if you want to check.

Though I tried to make this information as accurate as possible, you should always check your manual or contact your local dealer to determine the appropriate towing capacity of your vehicle and necessary equipment.

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Tacoma Trim Options

The 2022 Toyota Tacoma has 6 trim levels:

  • SR
  • SR5
  • TRD Sport
  • TRD Off-Road
  • Limited
  • TRD Pro

Toyota Tacoma Cab Sizes

Most of these trim options come in either the Access or Double Cab.

The Access cab is a two-row, 4 passenger maximum cabin. It does not have full doors for the back seat and to enter the second row, the front door must be opened.

The Double cab is also a two-row cabin with a 5 passenger maximum. There are 4 full doors on the cabin providing significantly more space for passengers in the back which we break down later in the article.

Toyota Tacoma Bed Sizes

Bed options for the Tacoma are either a short, standard, or long bed.

Toyota uses the term standard for the bed size with any Access Cab. The Access cab only comes in a 6 ft bed.

The Double Cab often has the option to be either a short bed of 5 ft or a long bed of 6 ft.

Exterior dimensions of Tacoma

Unlike many trucks, such as the Ford F150, the dimensions of the Tacoma are quite consistent. Regardless of trim size, there are very few differences between the height, width, and length of the truck.


The height for all Toyota Tacomas (except TRD Pro) is 70.6 inches.

The TRD Pro is slightly larger at 71.6 inches high.

This value is determined from the ground to the top of the cab. There is no difference in height between the Access and Double cab.

TRD Sport
TRD Off-Road
71.6 in (5 ft 11.6 in)
TRD Pro70.6 in (5 ft 10.6 in)


The width of a truck is the distance from side to side at the widest part without mirrors.

The Toyota Tacoma SR and SR5 are 74.4 inches wide.

The TRD Sport, TRD Off-Road, Limited, and TRD Pro is 75.2 inches.

74.4 in (6 ft 2.4 in)
TRD Sport
TRD Off-Road
75.2 in (6 ft 3.5 in)


Most Toyota Tacomas are 212.3 inches long. This includes all SR models, models with Access cabs, and models with Double Cabs w/5 ft bed.

The larger Double Cabs with the long bed of 6 ft for the SR5, TRD Sport, TRD OFff-Road, and Limited have a length of 225.5 inches.

Access Cabs
Double Cabs w/short bed
212.3 in (17 ft 8.3 in)
Double Cabs w/long bed225.5 in (18 ft 9.5 in)

Cab interior dimensions

Access CabDouble Cab
Headroom (front/rear)39.7/34.9 in39.7/38.3 in
Legroom (front/rear)42.9/24.6 in42.9/32.6 in
Shoulder room (front/rear)58.3/56.5 in58.3/58.9 in
Hip room (front/rear)57.2/51.7 in57.2/56.3 in

Comparing the Access and Double cab sizes in the Tacoma, the comfort of the double cab is much greater for the back seat passengers.

There is an 8-inch difference between the legroom of the two.

Tacoma bed dimensions

There are only two sizes of truck beds. These are the 5 ft and 6 ft beds.

These truck beds are fleetside trucks. This means that the truck bed has wheel wells in it and the box is not perfectly rectangular.

5 ft bed

The 5 ft bed is 60.5 inches long, 19.1 inches high, and also 41.5 inches wide.

On the Double cab Tacomas, this is referred to as a short bed.

6 ft bed

The 6 ft bed is 73.7 inches long, 19.1 inches high, and 41.5 inches wide.

Even though this is labeled as a 6 ft bed, it is actually 1.7 inches longer.

On the Access cab this is the standard bed, and on the Double cab, this is the long bed.

How to protect your Tacoma truck bed

If you plan to use your truck bed frequently for cargo, you will want to consider ways in which you can increase the longevity of your truck bed.

The first way is to use a spray in bed liner.

Spray in bed liners:

  • protect against rust corrosion
  • protect against extreme temperatures
  • are waterproof
  • deaden sound and vibrations
  • prevent stains
  • protect against UV
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Spray-in bed liner

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Another way you can prevent scratches or dents in the bed of your truck is to install a mat. There are some mats that you can trim to your size, and there are some already custom-made by model.

Some are soft mats, some are rugs, and some are plastic cases that fit into the bed.

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BedRug Impact mat

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To keep things out of your truck bed while keeping contents in, you should use a truck bed tonneau cover.

These covers come in rolling, folding, soft and hard shell covers.

They not only help protect your cargo from outside weather, they also reduce the amount of rain, snow, leaves, and other outdoor conditions.

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Guide To Toyota Tacoma Dimensions (2023) (2024)


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