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Opulent Amber

We love a mysterious color here at TouchUpDirect and Toyota’s Opulent Amber shade has piqued our interest. What is it about Opulent Amber that intrigues us so? Is it the way it sparkles in the sun? Is it the color’s rarity, having been discontinued after only a few years? Or perhaps it’s something to do with the wild shifts in color Opulent Amber undergoes under different light. You know how we here at TouchUpDirect love a bizarre color shift. Let’s get into it and talk all about the many fascinating colors of Opulent Amber.

An Opulent Origin

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The Opulent Amber color hails from the little company town of Toyota in Aichi, Japan. While the color is best known for adorning a Toyota Highlander, the Toyota Motor Corporation first released Opulent Amber as a new color in 2019 on their Avalon model. It was given the color code: 4X9. An Opulent Amber Highlander followed the next year in 2020. For a few years, owners of the Toyota Avalon and Toyota Highlander could marvel in the ever changing Opulent Amber color that adorned their vehicle. But in 2023, tragedy struck as Toyota discontinued both the Opulent Amber and the Toyota Avalon itself. We have our fingers crossed that perhaps one day the color or the car will return. But what is it about Opulent Amber that has our head turned?

The Amazing Color Changing Amber

The Opulent Amber color itself is a curious one. There are numerous promotional pictures where the Opulent Amber Highlander looks positively brown, verging even on bronze. But in various showroom videos, Toyota salesmen are showing off a Toyota Highlander clad in Opulent Amber that is clearly black. The case becomes even more curious when you factor in the word of Toyota drivers who have taken the car home. Some, initially displeased with their choice when they saw the color of the Toyota models in the dealership, report that Opulent Amber took on a much different shade once in a different light. They describe a rich deep brown that is not dissimilar to the color of cola. One Toyota driver even described the Opulent Amber as “purple with sparkles” in one light and black in another. While most seem to absolutely love their paint job and marvel over the variety of colors that their Toyota can reach, its transformative properties does leave them a little puzzled. In the words of one Opulent Amber owner, “This color is confusing.”

Touching Up Your Opulent Amber

Let’s take a look at what you should do if you get scratches on your confusing color, the Opulent Amber. First, look at how big the size of the scratch is. This will allow you to determine which applicator you’ll need. For scratches the size of a pencil eraser or smaller, use the Pen applicator. For damage the size of a quarter or smaller, a Brush applicator is best. For large panels, you’ll want to use Aerosol. Start out the touch up process by testing your paint on the testing card. You’ll want to include the Clearcoat on the card so you know if you have the correct match.

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If the damage on your vehicle is showing metal or substrate, put down Primer on the target area. This will allow the paint to stick to the surface of the car. Apply 2 to 3 coats evenly over the damaged area. Allow it to dry for 15 to 20 minutes before adding the Colorcoat. The Colorcoat is the actual color you see on your vehicle. Again, apply 2 to 3 even coats before allowing it to dry. Finish up with Clearcoat. You know the drill by now. 2 to 3 even coats with 15 minutes in between. In addition to giving your coat a glossy shine, this layer protects your paint from the sun and everyday contaminants. Once you’ve finished, wait 48 hours for everything to dry and voila! Your Opulent Amber is opulent once more.

Toyota’s Opulent Amber, an odd little color that was gone too soon. But in its short time in the automotive world, Opulent Amber made its mark. Mostly by making everyone who laid eyes on it deeply confused. Was it a sparkly purple? Was it the color of a Dr. Pepper specifically? We live in hope that one day, Toyota will bring Opulent Amber back so it can flummox a whole new generation of Toyota drivers.

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All About Opulent Amber! - TouchUpDirect (2024)


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